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Meeting Information
Written by Preston Bradford   
Monday, 14 July 2008 00:19

The Lubbock Camera Club meets at the Connect Church's NEW LOCATION, 13101 south US Hwy 87 . Meeting time is 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Feel free to arrive a few minutes early and get to know some of the members. If you’re running behind, no problem, you won't be yelled at for sneaking in and finding a seat. See you there!

The Lubbock Camera Club meets at the Connect Church, which has recently relocated to 13101 U.S. Hwy 87. This is on the EAST side of highway 87 and is the second business south of FM-1585 (south of the Stripes convenience store).  It's easier find than you might think because the access road south of 1585 is two way traffic; so turn south of 1585 on the EAST side of highway 87 and it's the second building on your left.


The meeting room generously provided to us by the Connect Church is very comfortable and large enough for our growing membership.

We have two types of meetings, Program Meetings and Show and Tell, alternating monthly.

During Program Meetings, we have a guest speaker or a club member present the program on various aspects of photography. These may be technical seminars on cameras, post processing or computers and the internet.  Others may present more artistic programs on style and workflow pertaining to a specific photography type such as portrait, sports or journalism.

During Show and Tell Meetings, Members and guest may exhibit their work to be judged and discussed by the group.  Usually we have two categories and you may submit one image per category.  Images can be any size however, 8X10 or larger is recommended.  Images are laid out for members to critique using a judging sheet.  Images are judged on TECHNIQUE, IMPACT, and COMPOSITION AND SUBJECT.

Each discipline is scored from 1-5 and totaled. Top scores are recognized at the following month meeting. Yearly top scorers are recognized at the December meeting.  Judging is a fun way to learn and improve your photography and compliment your peers. Program and Show and Tell Categories for upcoming meetings can be found on the event calendar.

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Basic Portraiture Notes (updated)
Written by Cranston Reid   
Friday, 21 October 2011 01:52

Here are five basic guidelines for creating better portraits:

  1. Good communications: Most people simply don't like to have their picture taken, a reluctance that might originate from a previous bad experience, low self esteem due to wrinkles, weight, hair or a myriad of other perceived defects. If you have an assistant, the lighting can be set up and tested well before the client is invited to participate. If you are proficient with your camera equipment, this projects professionalism and confidence.
Written by Ron Mouser   
Tuesday, 10 February 2009 03:45

Competition Rules (Show & Tell)

1. Prints may be any size. Small prints seldom get high scores.

2. Photos may be matted, framed or un-matted.

3. Entries may be color or black & white (unless color or black & white are the subjects.)

4. Members may enter only one photo in ONE of the two categories. Member may choose which category to enter.

5. Photos entered in previous Lubbock Camera Club competitions are not eligible for subsequent competitions in any subject areas. (Unless special competitions i.e. end of year competitions, best of best or other special competitions).

6. Only paid member’s judging sheets will count toward “Show & Tell” scores and year end totals.

7. Members may not judge their own entries!

Note: Only paid members may enter “Show & Tell” Competitions.  Everyone attending may judge and/or critique, and visitors are always welcome to attend!


Written by Ron Mouser   
Tuesday, 10 February 2009 03:47

 Judging & Critiquing for Show & Tell

Note:  A large portion of this article was taken from “Some Thoughts ON Photographic Judging” by Gilbert Hill, FPSA

 “There is no better place to learn to really look at pictures than acting as a judge, charged with the job of pushing the buttons and making the decision.  Because they are not your pictures, you are free to decide whether or not they “click”—and why.”  Most people join camera clubs to learn more about photography and have others critique their photos.  That means that everyone is going to have to learn to judge and critique as well as deliver and accept constructive criticism.  “Judging is creating better photographers who are learning to evaluate their own work objectively.”  


The Lubbock Camera Club welcomes photographers of all ages and skill levels!

Meetings are held monthly at the Connect Church's NEW LOCATION, which is now 13101 U.S Hwy 87.  Our meetings usually consist of a guest speaker one month followed by a "show and tell" photo contest the following month.  Speakers are sometimes related to the next months contest.  Please feel free to browse our website and join us as a guest at our next meeting.  Just like the rest of West Texas, we have some of the friendliest and most helpful folks around, so see y'all there!

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