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Lubbock Camera Club--A History


by: John Falkner

To give a brief history of the Lubbock Camera Club may be based on what I have heard from other sources, because I came into the organization in April of 1978.


The club was organized sometime in the early 1970's, maybe 1972 or there abouts.  When a handful of photographers met at University Camera Center at 15th and University under the direction of Ed Cass, the camera store owner.  It was then known as the Lubbock Photographic Society with such members as Dr's Milton "Mac" Rowley and Russ Basket local physicians in Lubbock, Jim and Julie Storey, Ann McDonald, Larry Goldstein, James Fambro, John Yastrop-a local portraite photographer, Hunter Talbert, Mr & Mrs Larry Nix, Mr & Mrs John McKinney.  I am not aware of others at that time. 


The slogan for the grooup was "Promoting Photography as a Mutual Interest".  The organization was affliated with the PSA (Photographic Society of America) and a chapter of the GSCC (Gulf States Camera Clubs).  The GSCC had chapters in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisana, and Arkansas.


The club later moved to 50th and near Memphis to a place called the Photo Shoppe (now Armadillo Camera) under the direction of Marvin Crowsan, owner of the Photo Shoppe.  Shortly thereafter the club moved to the Lubbock Garden & Arts Center at 44th and University due to the increased number of members.  The club met on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays with competitions in slides and prints alike.


After much persuasion from John Yastrop, I, along with Bill Whorton joined in April 1978.  The organization has had as many as 50-75 members over the years.  I have held the positions of president, vice president, competition chairman and secretary-treasurer. 


The name was changed to the Lubbock Camera Club in the early 1980's, because of three other organizations:  The Caprock Photographers of Post, the West Texas Photographic Society of Lubbock and the Professional Photographers of the South Plains.


I have seen some drastic changes in photography in these past 35-36 years.  Film cameras to digital cameras and with the creation of the internet there is no end to the direction photography continues to go.