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February 10, 2015 "Taking Images to the Next Level"
Connect Church - Lubbock
Monthly Meeting


Lubbock Camera Club

February 10, 2015 Program by Ray Beair

"Taking Images to the Next Level"

Do you find yourself wishing your work was just as inspiring as many of the images you see posted to the internet? They CAN be! Simply by applying the 'secrets' known to professionals worldwide, your images can have that WOW factor you desire! Best of all, it's easier than most people think to do this without huge investments in gear, software and time.

• February's Camera Club program will show you just how easy it is to discover and implement tips offered by professional photographers from every corner of the world.

• February's program will help you see how easy it is to discover shooting locations that beg for your attention.

• February's program will help you build skills that increase the chances your finished images will receive the attention they deserve.

• February's program will appeal to virtually every photographer dreaming about producing gallery quality images.

• Through this multimedia program, we will learn about resources that easily help you become a better photographer as you discover how the 'secrets' shared by professional photographers give your images that special WOW factor! 

If you think it's time to go from good images to fantastic images ….. this program is for you! 

Whatever your level, beginner to semi-pro, this program will have value. We're looking forward to seeing you on February 10th.


Our meeting will be Tuesday, February 10, 2015 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The program will be announced as soon as possible.
We meet at the Connect Church's NEW location at 13101 south HWY 87 and FM 1585 south of the Stripes convenience store.

The purpose of this meeting is to socialize and enjoy a photography related program, so come on by.
Visitors are always welcome!


Connect Church
13101 Hwy 87 just south of FM1585 on the east side


Connect Church Conference room.
Join us!